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It began with a simple idea – invite a few friends over to the house for brunch and introduce them to one another. It occurred to me that I knew several successful women in Palm Beach County yet none of them knew each other and if I brought them together it could create a powerful network. We met (7 of us in total) at my dining room table, where I discussed my idea about starting a networking group of women, where we could share experiences and learn and support each other in our endeavors. I also spoke about my desire to give back locally and suggested we set up a scholarship fund for future professional women. That is how the Alliance of Women Executives (AWE) began: a simple idea sitting around my dining room table.

We each pitched in, offering our talents and expertise.  As we outgrew my dining room, we began meeting at a restaurant and inviting others to join us to learn about our mission of “networking with a charitable purpose”. Within one short year, we are 20+ members strong, with new women joining each month. The women who comprise the Board of Directors stepped up without hesitation.  They believe in me and they believe in the mission of AWE, something I am grateful for every day. AWE has become a fabulous mix of women, all enthusiastically supporting each other, sharing insights, stories and advice, and actively participating in the charitable aspect of AWE.