The Alliance of Women Executives (AWE) is grateful for the generous donors who support our mission.


($3,001 – $10,000)

Theodore Babbitt and Jessica Cheatham Babbitt

BallenIsles Charities Foundation

Little Smiles, Inc.

Live Well Chiropractic

Mr. Mickey Rolfe


($1,500 – $3,000)

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Borgia


Dew Foundation with Jewish Federation

Tammy Ehrmann – Ehrlooms Jewelery

Mr. Mark Elie – K & E Travel

Cindy Gates Courtesy of the Velic Trust

LPS Capital, LLC

Networking to Help Children

Rotary Club Boca Raton West, Inc.

The Real Estate Team
of Denise Long & Lynda Smith

The Real Estate Team
of Dory Faxon & Geraldine Stanko

Mike and Laura Royal

The Silver Team @ KW Realty
Jeff & Shayne Silver

Michael Tierney –
In Honor of Helen Murphy Tierney

Debbie Wemyss –
DW Consulting Solutions, LLC


($750 – $1,499)


(Up to $749)

Ms. Casper Caldarola

California Pizza Kitchen

Mrs. Alicen Harrad

Mr. Robert Ix

Mr. John Morris

Ms. Paula Rosa

Mr. Anthony Sellito

Ms. Meryl Sitver

Women’s Master Networking

In Kind Donations

Rosy Acevedo, Mary Kay
Senior Cadillac Sales Director

Carey Mason – Computer Media